Baby boomers are blamed for the lack of emoji

So, did you hear? Presumably, laughter cry emoji became uncool and used it is a safe sign of which you are old. Stop the Persians! Gen Z: Those who were born after 1997 apparently declared it so on social networks, especially Tiktok. It’s although the Emoji is extremely popular since 2017. As a CNN article pointed out: “Face with tears of joy, the official name for the emoji of laughter. -Time Emoji used on Twitter”. In 2020 it was still the most popular Emoji. So what happened? Do the baby boomers? Of course, as with everything else, the boomers blame us for their disappearance. Jeremy Burge, the Emoji director of Emojipedia, recently wrote a blog publication that said: “His common wisdom in Tiktok that the emoji crying is for boomers. And by Boomers I mean someone over 35 years old.” God forbids him, adolescents and young adults do not want to be seen with the same emoji his grandparents! But we are not the only goals that are proved by the Bureau of more than 35 remarks. Interestingly, the millennians (those who are between 1980-1996), many of them are trying to stay Fresco, as they approach 30 and 40 years, it also seems the goal. Add the Millennials mysmiley Sause of this suddenly Emoji uncool, call his dog “Koest” (he even realizes that it is one thing), the pants adapted and even the lateral parts are outside and a sign that you old and “without getting in touch ”

As a Millennair writer put it on an article for Yahoo! Sports: “As a side Froca for life, Ouch”.

According to this article, Gen. Z Spot also the way the Millennials use the word “adult”, their addiction to the toast of avocado and the Starbucks coffee, and the way they refer to themselves as “90 children”.

Your people from karma

What is something fun of this is that some millennia have thrown away from the American boomers. Uu for years.
Do you remember the popular phrase, “Ok Boomer” that started circulating a few years ago? As I wrote in a blog on this subject, the term equals the US boomers. You are outdated, resistance to change, behind technology, and feeling.

Then I suppose, what goes, returns. However, I hate to see someone who uses the phrases of abusive and careless cognitions, based on which generation of people are born, which is completely out of our control, incidentally. One day, Gen Z will be old and will undoubtedly show your own medicine. Everyone finally got old, you know. I myself, I’m tired of the way all social platforms insult each other too easily. I’m tired of agalism. I want mutual respect to replace this meaningless mockery. Why is the “generation gap” uncool and is outdated?