Create your own roller curtain

Do you just feel like to overcome something different, or you can’t find the right roller curtain, or maybe you are ready to become a creative interior designer, one thing you can actually do is make your own roller curtain!

You might not want to do this if you need to close all your windows, or if you have a large expanse window to cover, but if you only need to be blind to close one or two normal size windows it’s pretty easy to make your own roller curtain. There is a roller blind kit available Roller blinds from your window furnishing shops or online. They are quite cheap and come with all accessories and parts that you need to make and then hang your roller curtains. Some kits include material, most of it is not as if they are aware that many people make their own roller curtains so they can modain it and use any particular material they want. They often include stiffeners of cloth, which is a must for most fabrics.

As far as fabric choices, you can always buy stiff PVC scrolls and use it for your blind. Or, you can buy a fabric of your choice, whatever you like and use that makes you blind. I have seen some big house-made blind rollers in children’s rooms for example, where material matches the general decor and the theme of the room. It’s not easy to do, usually, but through being able to use your choice, it really expands your options.

Kit also comes with step-by-step instructions right how to proceed with your Roller Blind project. If you are stuck at any stage, there are also many good online teaching sites that provide instructions and even provide photos and videos to help you.

After you succeed in making your first roller blind, you might like the look and experience so much so you step out and make more roller curtains. Besides it becomes a real money saver, it is also a very pleasant and fun experience for those of you who like to do projects for the weekend or in your free time. And imagine what kicks you will get from telling visitors who admire your new roller blind make it yourself!