Online Card Games at Work

Whether you’re looking for a quick game of cards or a longer game, you can enjoy many popular online card games at work. Try Coworker Feud, Banana Life, Codenames, Dominion, or Taboo. The best part is that you can play them in teams, and it can be a great way to bond with colleagues.

Coworker Feud

Coworker Feud is an online card game that teaches teams how to work together to solve problems. It also promotes empathy and anticipating responses, which are vital to effective teamwork. Players are challenged to come up with answers that will please their colleagues and improve morale in the office.

The game is similar to the TV game show Family Feud. The rules are similar, and teams are asked to guess answers to a series of questions and then submit the results to win. The game is suitable for groups of four to 40 people, and it uses Zoom for online gameplay.

Banana Life

The Banana Life online card game is a fun, remote card game for teams. The game features a variety of different activities to help teams bond and develop strong relationships. Whether your team is large or small, you can find the perfect activity to engage everyone. These activities include a variety of fun questions based on psychological and scientific relationship techniques. You can find questions about love, social, and spirituality. The game also supports the environment by planting 50 trees for every game you purchase.

Bananagrams was invented by Abe Nathanson, a graphic designer from Rhode Island. While playing Scrabble with his grandsons, he realized that a game that incorporated anagrams would be more fun. The game’s name was chosen because he hoped it would make the players go bananas. He started the game by collecting tiles and shouted, “Split!” Players then begin turning the tiles over and forming grids.


Dominion is a card game that requires two to four players. Players start with a small deck of weak cards, but over time they build their deck to become more powerful. Some cards can give more in-game currency, others can allow you to take more actions per turn or draw more cards. Some even allow you to harm the other players. As you build your deck, you must always think about how you can improve your scores. Even if you have a great deck, idn poker you may not win the game if you fail to draw the right cards.

Strategy is key to Dominion’s winning potential. You can learn more about the game by referring to a strategy guide. For example, the best strategy is to buy Provinces as quickly as possible. In order to buy these Provinces, you need to acquire new treasures. However, buying new treasures can be costly – you can end up spending more money than you earn.


Codenames is a fun word game that combines strategy and wordplay. Similar to a physical card game of the same name, teams compete to uncover corresponding colored cards first. A spymaster chooses the cards, giving the team one-word clues and a certain number of guesses to uncover each card. The competing team tries to keep the spymaster guessing by confusing them. It’s a fun game for both teams.

Codenames can be played by three to four people, but it’s easy to add more players in the middle of the game. Another perk of this game is that the cards are doublesided. That means you can mix them up even more by flipping them over.


When you’re at work and want to kill time, there are a number of ways to play Werewolf online card games. You can play as a Werewolf, or as a villager. The only difference is the way you assign roles. The open setup lets you know exactly who the different power roles are, while the closed setup is somewhat ambiguous. For example, a werewolf cannot claim the militia role if he doesn’t have any militia members.

The game is played in rounds that have two phases: Day and Night. During the day, the Townspeople are active, while the Werewolves are inactive. The game ends when all werewolves are dead or the number of Townspeople is equal or less than the number of Werewolves.