Solar Installation Leads – Bridging the Gap between Contractors and Consumers

The solar industry has become very competitive throughout the world. If you work in this industry, you will easily understand what we mean. The federal government, state and local encourage business and household to invest in renewable energy by offering extraordinary financial incentives. In addition to government subsidies, the cost of components dropped has provided a solar power solution that is increasingly cost-effective.

Given the benefits and costs of reasonable, a large number of consumers are considering solar power installations for their home space and offices in various forms such as heaters, vehicles, stoves, inverter and lighting systems. Despite a sudden surge in the number Gosford Electrician of residents who choose this renewable energy source is a healthy sign, it has raised a certain situational problem. The most important thing is the request outperformed supply. In fact, there are enough contractors to meet customer demand; There are no right channels that connect both.

This is where the solar lead generation companies enter. They help bridge the gap between contractors and consumers by providing high-quality and responsive solar installations leading to business and helping customers find reliable contractors to handle their duties. One can call it a solar marketing strategy.

How did solar results generated?

One paid service. Installers must manage accounts with lead generation companies to get instructions. The leader is information about potential sales contacts. LEAD is forwarded to the contractor via email or text message. Solar installation leads are collected in the same way potential customers are targeted for other businesses. The majority of them are generated online. They are sourced from search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, social media marketing such as Facebook and Twitter, banner ads and through pay-per-click campaigns.

Solar landing type

The company offers several types of solar leads. The general type for the most part is explained below.

Exclusive: This information is only sold once or into one solar installer.
Multi-sell / non exclusive: In this type, information about potential contact contacts is resold to the customer. Most companies limit sales to 3 contractors.
The promise leader: This is an actual appointment between solar installers and potential clients.
Direct Transfer Call: This call is directly from the company’s call center to the installer or sales staff. This category includes consumers who are ready to buy a solar system.