When There’s No Sport, You Bet On Time

Yes, you read that correctly: the cancellation or postponement of sports championships has led many to start thinking outside the box. In this case, betting on time – at least that’s what the Americans are doing. As major sporting events have been canceled or postponed due to the new coronavirus, online sports betting has been forced to think of alternatives, in order to continue to survive – even if they may seem very unusual.

In mid-March, the world actually started to stop in an attempt to stop the contagion by COVID-19 and, with that, sports were greatly affected. Not only football, but also basketball, American football, baseball. A scenario that left players in a kind of limbo and willing to bet on other areas like 유로88, even the strangest ones, such as the weather. In bookmakers like Bovada and BetOnline.ag it is now possible to bet on whether the temperatures will be high or low in certain American cities.

Combat Anxiety With New Options

The need to spend more time in quarantine, in a prophylactic or mandatory quarantine, happening all over the world, causes anxiety levels to skyrocket and, with this, provokes the feeling of loss of individual freedom. We were no longer able to do many of the things we were used to that made us feel good.

With sports betting registering drops that can reach, in some cases, and especially in the month of September to 100%, the market’s ability to reinvent itself is really commendable.

Countries are now starting to ease restrictive measures, but in many cases sport will continue to stand still but rules for the 파워볼오토 is different. The most unusual bets… Would you be able to do that? If you think that betting on weather and temperatures is strange, then be prepared to be even more surprised.

End of the world

It’s not something we want to imagine, especially when we’re faced with a pandemic situation caused by an easily spread virus. But it’s really true: there are those who bet when and how the end of the world will happen. It doesn’t just come out of nowhere. Rather, it stems from the growing tension between the US and North Korea, which at one point caused numerous uncertainties. For some, it could even trigger a new world war or lead to nuclear disasters.

Man’s arrival to Mars

With technological advances, the impossibles start to become more and more possible. And as far as exploring the universe is concerned, there are really no limits. But is it possible to take a human being to Mars before the year 2025? This is even a target for betting, but we reveal that most bettors are pessimistic about the matter, with the odds tending to not be possible to reach the red planet anytime soon.